Jain Stories
Story - 1
According to Jainism there lived a hunter in the forest. Once there came a Digamber Saint. He preached the people about vegetarianism. Most people took an oath not to eat meat in their life. When he asked the hunter to leave the eating of meat, the hunter said, "Lord, the meat is our main food and we can't live without it". At the end he decided to leave eating meat. Once he became very ill. The doctor advised him to eat meat as medicine. He refused and did not take meat because of his oath. He was born in the heaven. So we should remain pure vegetarians and never eat meat.

Story - 2 : NEMI AND RAJUL
Rajul was the daughter of Ugrasain, who was the king of Junagarh. When Rajul became young, it was decided that she should be married with Prince Nemi Kumar, who was the son of King Shamudra Vijay of Shauripur. On the fixed day the bridegroom Nemi Kumar reached Junagarh with his baraat. At that time Rajul was very happy and she was peeping from the palace.

When the baraat was entering in the city, Nemi Kumar saw the animals in a bara. They were crying very badly. Nemi Kumar asked to his charioteer about this sorrowful scene. The charioteer replied that these animals would be killed for the food of baraat. Hearing this, Nemi Kumar became sad and said to his charioteer, "Oh charioteer! Go back I will not marry now. I will go to Girnar for self-welfare. He became Digamber saint on the Girnar Mountain. Rajul also followed him and she became a lady saint. After penace Nemi Kumar got only knowledge and went to salvation.

Lord Mahaveera was the son of king Siddharatha who lived in Kundlpur City. His mother's name was Trishala. When Mahaveera became eight years old, he took the oath that I will not hurt any creature, not tell a lie and not to steal. He was in celibacy. He believed non-possession.

One day Prince Mahaveera was sitting in the palace with his friends. Suddenly he heard a noise on road. He came to know that an elephant was hurting every body. After hearing this, Prince Mahaveera reached there and caught the elephant. One day Mahaveera was playing in the garden with his friends, at the same time a black and a big snake came there. All the boys feared except Mahaveera who took it outside.

He did not marry in his life and at the age of thirty he became Digamber saint. He remained in meditation for twelve years and got knowledge. From forty-two years to seventy-two years he preached the people. At the age of seventy-two he went in salvation from Panwapur.

There was a city named Hastnapur, where lived the Kauravas and Pandavas. They ruled together but the Kauravas were fraudy and the Pandavas were honest. The Kauravas were not satisfied with their half kingdom. They thought to snatch the whole kingdom from the Pandavas. One day Duryodhan called the Pandavas by fraud in his palace and told by a honey toung to Yudhister for gambling. Yudhister agreed.

Duryodhan defeated Yudhister in gambling. Yudhister lost his treasure, country, elephants, vehicles, army, animals etc. He also lost the ornaments of his Queen Draupadi. At the same time Dushasan came to the palace of Draupadi and started disrobed her saree and insulted her. But Draupadi prayed god for her safety and God saved her.

So ladies and gentleman there is no sin like gambling in the universe. The Pandavas avoided the gambling in their whole life and after abdication, thePandavas became Digamber saints and Draupadi also became a lady saint.

There lived Seth Bhanudatt in Champapury. His had a son called Charudatt. He was merciful and helpful to others. Once he went out for a walk with his uncle Rudradatt. He had taken Charudatt to a prostitute by fraud.

Charudatt started to play with the prostitute Basantsaina. He got involved with her and wasted all his money. When he became poor, he had to sell his house and the ornaments of his mother and wife. At last he became totally moneyless.

When he rose he found himself in a dirty place. Then he came to know that the prostitute loves only the money not the man. So gentleman you should avoid the addiction of prostitution because the prostitution destroys health, wealth and character.

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